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Families have the option of directly communicating with our organization to get the school supplies their children need quicker.  The individual requests are reviewed by our Board of Directors after receiving the required paperwork.  The paperwork needs to indicate the child or children that are received free or reduced lunch through their respective school.  Parents typically acquire the paperwork via email or through the school that their child or children are enrolled in.

The Giving BackPack Foundation partners with schools in the Northwest Indiana region to discuss their specific needs for assistance.  Though our resources may be limited, our organization strives to make a difference in every student's life.  Our organization will take requests from school officers, teachers, and even school superintendents.

The Giving Backpack Foundation

ATTN: Cecil Collins, CEO

1719 Honeylocust Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46234

The Giving Backpack Foundation is a registered 501-c-3 nonprofit organization through the State of Indiana